Friday, 1 April 2011

Time Tunnel Podcast Part One

To give you a flavour of 'Time Tunnel' we've put together a podcast featuring some of our favourite tunes, which you may well end up pulling shapes to on the Canterbury Arms dancefloor!

Here's a sneak preview of the podcast:

Podcast tracklisting: 1. Leaving Here - The High Numbers 2. The Young Mod's Forgotten Story - The Impressions 3. Get Yourself Together - Small Faces 4. Blowing Up My Mind - The Exciters 5. Gaitor Tail - Lee Dorsey 6. Psychotic Reaction - Count Five 7. Thoroughfare - Don Drummond 8. Indian Rope Man - Julie Driscoll 9. Fortune Teller - Benny Spellman 10. I Love You (Listen To This) - Dexys Midnight Runners 11. Heaven Must Have Sent You - The Elgins 12. Don't Give Me No Lip Child - Dave Berry 13. Stereotype (Live) - The Specials 14. I'm Shakin' - Little Willie John 15. Seven Days Too Long - Chuck Wood ------------------------------------------------------------ Download Link: Please feel free to leave comments about the podcast or 'time Tunnel' in general!

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